European Bodyguard & Security Service Association is Tactical and firearms training provider. We offer highly caliber courses for: - Close protection Operative - High Risk Protection - Tactical Shooting - Tactical and Firearms Instructors
About Us
EBSSA was born in 2014,like a provider of tactical training and firearms training of high quality.all instructors belong to former special forces from different contries: Russia, Israel, Italy, USA. All of our instructors have a direct experience.Since the association was founded, we offered both of civilians and tactical courses,we provide special trainings for law enforcement and military from different countries.EBSSA provides facilities and organize tactical courses in Bulgary, Russia, Poland, Israel, Italy.EBSSA provides of a mobile training team and we can organize courses in different countries of the worldwide.
Our Advantages
  1. We have highly qualified instructors. All our instructors coming from Special Force and counter Terrorism units and has a lot of experience in front line.
  2. We have training facilities. Our training center dispose of wide shooting range with 15 lines for long and short distance. Our training center dispose Killing House which allows to attend the CQB and Counter Terrorism Training and equipped Track to attend Security Driver Course.
  3. We give attention to our students. For each student we provide individual methods of lerning depending on his experience and capacity. No one remain without our attention.
  4. We dispose of modern equipement. In our Training Center we have the most modern weapons. For simulation we use modern and practic Simunition FX rifle and pistols.
  5. Our certificates recognized all over the world. After the EBSSA courses we grant only ricognized international certificates as BTec, FPOS, SIA ecc.
  6. We follow our graduates giving help to find employment Thanks to EBSSA Human Resourse and International Security Service provider Partners, we are able to give help to employment for our each graduates in conformity with his professional qualification.